...Eventually Will convinced Parker to join him in this mad endeavor and The Lot Scene, LLC was born!  In addition to live music Videography, photography, and Media Coverage, TLS is involved with community development, live event promotion, and non-profit endeavors.  The Lot Scene also seeks to provide unique and interesting merchandise to our community such as fine art photography and original clothing designs.



We strive to put people palpably in touch with their favorite live music and community through our own personal experiences, Videos, photoS, reviews, stories, and tall tales!!


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Professional Photography
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High Fives

Leftover Salmon - The Stanley Hotel

Estes Park, CO - 13-15 Mar 2015

Who are The Lot ScenE?? 

Will Rawls


Theorizing that one could make festival season last year-round, Will handed in his letter of resignation...and VANISHED! 

He woke to find himself having a blast, facing smiling images much like his own and driven by an unknown force to change the world for the better. His only guide on this journey is Parker, a wordsmith of his own kind, who appears in the form of a crazy man…carrying a chicken…grinning ear to ear. 

And so Will finds himself leaping from fest to fest, striving to find light in every song and hoping each time that his next fest…will be the best one.

Also, Will takes photographs.

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Parker Otwell Roe


I come to the delightful world of music naturally in many ways -- my late father, Parker Otwell Willson, III, made several recordings throughout his career as a singer, dancer, and actor and was possessed of a powerful and beautiful tenor voice. My birth mother had a lovely sopralto. I took the obligatory piano lessons as a boy and performed in a local bell choir, loving whatever music I could participate in and all the while basking in the gifts my older brothers gave me: a love of Pink Floyd, the Dead, Bowie, the Doors, Boston, the Beatles, and the entire host of classic rock legends. Exiled to military school for high school, I was at least able to sing with the chorus for two years, which is where I learned the basics of and gained an affinity for choral singing and choral music (Renaissance polyphony still being some of my very favorite music). 

Going to college in Virginia, I found my way into the world of collegiate a cappella which led me to studying with my first voice and music mentor, Dr. Jennifer Cable, whose influence would help shape my musical world view as much as the music of Roger Waters. With my a cappella group, the UR Octaves, I gained all my early recording, mixing, mastering, and producing experience, having the insightful opportunity of working on two albums before graduating in 1998. After four years spent in service as an officer in the Marines, I returned to UR to begin studies pursuant a Bachelor of Music. After two years, I graduated with a degree in Vocal Performance. 

My love of traditional Irish music coupled with several summers of study at the University of Limerick led me to professional performance in the genre for about six years. This time period saw my membership in the Irish trad groups The Patched Hats and Sojourn, extensively touring the East Coast and Midwest. I recorded “Steppin' Large and Laughin' Easy” with Andreas Transo (as The Patched Hats) in 2005 and released the album later that summer. After three years in New York City where I briefly owned and operated Taolchemy Records, LLC, a small independent Irish trad record label, and did some freelance journalism, I moved back to my native Colorado for some much-needed reinvention and musical renaissance where I currently reside. 

Now working with The Lot Scene, I am flexing my writing chops once again, but this time in the realm of music journalism, specifically in the the jam music universe: festival experience archiving, live music reviews, album thoughts, etc. Coupled with the incredible photography of Will Rawls, I am thrilled at the prospects of where this could go!!!

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Contributing Writers



Michelle Brooke

Michelle Brooke is the latest butterfly fluttering around the live music scene. You might be able to catch her smiling and dancing near the stage or by the soundboard. 

As a contributor to The Lot Scene she brings her journalism skills and extensive concert-going perspective to the music experience.


Chris R. Kemp

Designer, Artist and Writer with a splash of tech nerd. When I'm not making cool stuff I prefer to be supporting local music, outdoors, skateboarding or brewing hard cider.


final logo 1.jpg

That ubiquitous symbol from the lot and our world, a single, upraised finger...

its meaning known far and wide for scores of years now and also the symbol of the lot scene.

We were incredibly lucky and honored to have the scramble campbell assist us with our logo, the above original painting representing the culmination of our project together.  and it turned out just stunningly!  what a privilege -- we are forever grateful!!  

So Very Many ThankS, Scribbles!!!

-the Lot Scene