The Lot Scene is both very lucky and very grateful to count the Fine folks on this page as our friends!!

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Scramble Campbell

Scramble Campbell is a dear friend to The Lot Scene, one of our earliest and staunchest supporters.  A phenomenal artist and elder statesman of rock'n'roll paint magic, we are proud and grateful that our logo is a Scramble original (yes, the finger painting).  And we couldn't be happier to count him amongst our friends.  For more information on Scramble, his paintings, and his world, please go to his BRAND NEW website found here:

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Jenn Worroll

Jenn Worroll is another lovely and dear friend to us here at The Lot Scene.  And, she just happens to be the TLS "Hooper for Life"!!  An incredible skill and talent with all things hoop, Jenn's career has been skyrocketing as of late and we were lucky enough to get her to sign on with us for some hooptastic adventures.  Be on the lookout for videos from Jenn!!  More info here:



The Mischief Collective is a fantastic group of folks whose efforts very much help to enrich our community.  

(Taken from their website)  "The Mischief Collective is a diversely talented group of young artists and innovators who share a thirst for adventure. We have formed a community that celebrates music, art, travel, style, and all things handmade.

We love to collaborate:

  • We strive to develop innovative ways to work with creators of all sorts; whether it be through photography, art, or even adventure. If you think your project could benefit from adding a little more Mischief…contact us!

  • We’ve teamed up with other artisans such as Tory Legg Designs, Urban Rose, Desert Lust Jewelry, Raynes Designs, Like Forever Jewelry, and Moonlight Rambler to bring you quality handmade items at affordable prices.

  • We’ve found ways into integrate our love for the handmade with our love for the music world by designing jewelry, clothing, graphics, and screen prints for some of our favorite musicians."

So be on the lookout for more collaborations between The Mischief Collective and The Lot Scene!!

More info:


Festy GoNuts

The Ultimate Resource for Music Festivals

Jason and Kelly are focused on helping you find your “fest” self by fully embracing the Music, the Culture and the Adventure of music festivals.

They love live music, but they LOVE music festivals!

What’s the difference? Music festivals aren’t just about the music (although that’s a big piece of the pie). Music festivals are about embracing the whole festy experience – the music, the people, the road trip, the camping, the lifestyle. 

Festy GoNuts is devoted to helping you make the best of your music festival experience…every part of it.  They strive to be your ultimate resource for music festivals. 

Music Festivals. Don’t just go. GoNuts!

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