Leftover Salmon - The Living Room Tour 2017


Leftover Salmon - The Living Room Tour 2017


I have a few guidelines that I try to live by:

  • Be kind and give more than you take.
  • Trust people, until they give you a reason not to.
  • An Ed Hardy face tattoo is a legitimate reason not to trust someone.
  • When one of your favorite bands is coming to town, you don't think; you buy the ticket and take the ride!

I did a bit of a doubletake when Leftover Salmon announced their acoustic "Living Room Tour" a few months back. I've been lucky enough to see Leftover Salmon in some pretty intimate settings, but seeing Gypsy Sally's on the lineup announcement seemed too good to be true. Gypsy Sally's has been a fantastic addition to the DC music scene over the last few years; often booking bands that should be way too popular for a venue of that size (Gypsy Sally's has a capacity of only 300). Kudos to their talent buyer, Dustin, for bringing some of the nation's best musical acts to the Georgetown waterfront! Unfortunately for the chronic procrastinators out there, tonight's show at Gypsy Sally's is officially sold out. But fortunately, Leftover Salmon has 2 more shows this week within a 2 hour drive of our nation's capital...and somehow there are still a few tickets available for purchase.

Rams Head On Stage (308 Capacity) - Annapolis, MD - Tuesday, 11/14/17 | Purchase Tickets Here
The Broadberry (350 Capacity) - Richmond, VA - Wednesday, 11/15/17 | Purchase Tickets Here

Don't sleep on these shows, friends! I'll be on the Scene to photograph the DC, Annapolis, and Richmond shows, so if you see me, please come say hi.



Burning Man 2017

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Burning Man 2017



for The Lot Scene by Leah Markman with photos by Olivia Jane Christian

Conversations with Dreaming People: Radical Ritual

“The aim of waking is to dream” e.e. cummings 

Every night on playa is a gift. Streets weave and thread through us. Seeds are planted with single words and a wrong turn grows and grows till it blossoms into the unexpected. 

Grasp onto it, even if it’s only for a moment.

Open your eyes wide, don’t miss the signs. 

Open the refrigerator and walk inside. What do you have to lose?

For my third year, I return to my well-spring. My heart-swell of inspiration, the place I truly step into a Being and Body of responsibility, recklessness and kindness. We recreate and create our city, and ourselves—pliable and translucent—overflowing with playful, deep emotional connections that only an environment of stress, hard work and utter unpredictability can bring. 

Serendipity dwells here. She’s known to be one hell of a bitch. 

Try to find her and be left looking for a ghost, before you realize she has been leading your hand the whole time, usually giving the wrong directions. 

The city is made with calloused hands and light hearts. I spent hours trying to put words into what this place is while sitting on swing high over the esplanade, watching the cars and people chaotically mingle like a tidal wave. Holding my breath from fear, I stand up to swing even higher. 

This year, my heart broke and fell down my throat. This year, I fell in love with a stranger. This year, I got married to myself. Someone asked me what love is, under the blazing heat we giggled and explored this question, each one of us yelling out an answer until we realized that love has no limits.

My camp welcomed me in midweek during a pink flowering sunset. Arriving late for the first time, the city was electric. The playa adorned a coat of enticement and allure. She teased the last living color of the day and silhouettes dance into the aquatic light of darkness. This is my favorite time of day. Frenzied and alive the night took me. 

One of the many, many compelling pieces of art at Burning Man this year.

One of the many, many compelling pieces of art at Burning Man this year.

I got married at Burning Man. We painted our faces, dressed ourselves in white and wore our best platforms. Rushing through the streets, hungry and late for our ceremony. Vibrations of anticipation soak through the esplanade as we bike by. I’m yelling at passing people, and stop to take a Polaroid of a man sleeping, he doesn’t wake up and I leave him to dream with my gift mischievously tucked away in his pants to develop. 

To say the least, we were late to my wedding. But Burning Man refuses to take my schedule seriously; the time is Now, as my watch likes to tell me.

The Tree of Tenere was alive. People are touching its bark awaiting the waxing moon to rise over the mountain; this is where I made a commitment to myself. 

With unwavering confidence and trust in myself, I lit up my parasol and escorted myself down the candlelit walkway. Surrounded by my camp, which adopted me in with open arms, fresh drinks and dance parties, I vowed to love myself under that sunset, to be true to my path, to trust that I am doing the right thing. We circled around the dazzling tree, witnessing the many individuals stepping forward and into the responsibility of self-love. Each voice echoing through the rainbow leaves. 

But Burning Man has a funny way of making you second guess your direction, turning you around then lighting up a different street if you choose to take it. 

I vowed to honor those words I said to myself as the dust settled into sunset. 

By the end of this week though, I left feeling confused and lost. Many times after leaving BRC the road is clear and the world a clay ball ready to be molded. Today, I find myself questioning the pavement rutted with sinkholes and scorched earth. Ashes are falling from the sky and I wonder what it feels like to run full force into flame. 

Relationships were tried and tested.  I gave my heart to a stranger one night sitting by a fire pit on the outskirts of the city. I watched the sunrise from the tent of someone I love dearly, and I wished to be elsewhere. Yet I did not go, instead I leaned into the fear of falling in love, cuddled into sunrise. I watched a burn I hope to never see again and I loved his soul before I ever knew his name. 

I don’t know why and I don’t need to. We all struggle and fall and some of us run. We always do it wrong at some point. Burning Man has always been a place to dream, to realize our potential, and then do it. It’s a landscape to challenge and redefine the world we live in. It can also shatter our sense of purpose and the ground may fall out below us, engulfing everything in fire. 

We are asked to shed the weight not needed, with grace and understanding. We are asked to step into our dream world and pull from it our nightmares, our desires, and all the hope we can muster to create the impossible and the magnificent. 

What do you have to lose? 

When all that’s left are ashes, its time to rebuild. 

Through all the smoke and the dust, through the dark nights and sunrise champagne, we are given a gift—A toolbox of secrets whispered to us in the wind. 

That we can do better, that we can give more, there is still more work to do and that we are strong enough to do it. 

…Or it was better last year anyway so fuck yer burn and ravens can MOOP better than you. 


Dedicated to Aaron Joel Mitchell.  We love you. 

-Sweet and Spicy (Leah Markman)

The author enjoying her natural habitat.

The author enjoying her natural habitat.

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Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival


Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival

Hey there grass fans!!

 So, what might you be doing July 13-16 this year?  Well, if you can make it, you really should try to get to Walsh Farm in Oak Hill, NY, in the gorgeous Catskill Mountains for the Grey Fox Festival!  This is a very family friendly event, with lots of activities for kids. (Click here for more info)  Roughly 4,000 people attend the fest each year which boasts an intimate setting with lots of repeat attendees.

And what an incredible lineup!  "Must Sees" include Del McCoury Band, Jerry Douglas Band, Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder, Travelin' McCourys, The Infamous Stringdusters w/ special guests, Steep Canyon Rangers, Gibson Brothers, Jeff Austin Band, Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen, Billy Strings, Cabinet, Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, Balsam Range, Trout Steak Revival, Lil' Smokies...sorry, this list is getting out of hand...but the lineup really is THAT good!  Basically, you don't want to miss much of this amazing music. 

Everyone needs to rest and refuel from time to time, so for those times when you just can't be at the stages, Grey Fox will be running an on-site radio stream of the High Meadow Stage to the campground. The radio frequency will be published in the program you'll receive when you arrive, so be on the lookout for that.  The beautiful people at Grey Fox have put together a guide for you of things to remember to ensure everyone is being their fest selves and doing things the Grey Fox way. Check that out here.

Also, contributing photographer, Jay Strausser (Jakstra Photog) will be taking over The Lot Scene's Facebook page to bring you updates throughout the weekend directly from Grey Fox (assuming the internet gods are on our side).

For all those going, we salute you and hope you have a stupendous time!

Click on the images below for the daily schedule at each stage...

Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival: 2016 SELECTS &emdash;
Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival: 2016 SELECTS &emdash;
Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival: 2016 SELECTS &emdash;

All photos used with permission from Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival

Click here for more photos from Grey Fox 2016 and years past...


Mad Tea Party Jam 6


Mad Tea Party Jam 6

When I tell you that Mad Tea Party Jam is a music festival built on a foundation of love, that isn't just a corny line. Roughly 2 hours from DC & Baltimore, 2-1/2 from Pittsburgh, and 3-1/2 from Philadelphia in a town called Artemas, PA, industry staples, Taco and Elise Olmstead (co-founders of music magazine, The Jamwich) celebrate their wedding anniversary with some incredible bands and a few thousand of their closest friends (pretty savy way of ensuring your never forget your anniversary, if you ask me). Elise was kind enough to sit down with us and discuss what makes Mad Tea Party Jam one of the best small music festivals (or large wedding anniversary parties) in the Mid-Atlantic.

Taco & Elise Olmstead @ Mad Tea Party Jam 5 - Photo by Brian Hockensmith (B. Hockensmith Photography)

Taco & Elise Olmstead @ Mad Tea Party Jam 5 - Photo by Brian Hockensmith (B. Hockensmith Photography)

TLS: This year’s Mad Tea Party Jam is coming up on June 15th-18th in Artemas, PA. Can you talk a little about the size of the festival? Any rough idea how many people you’re expecting this year? Has the festival grown over the years or has attendance remained fairly consistent?

Elise: The Mad Tea Party is a small festival!  We max out at about 3000 people and we like it that way.  We've thrown around the idea of growing it upwards of 10,000 but we're still on the fence.  We like that small festivals have an intimate, family vibe.  It's easy to become friends and get close with everyone at the festival.  The attendance has grown a little bit every year but we remain pretty consistent.

TLS: This year will be #6 for you guys. In a market that’s pretty saturated with music festivals, what do you see as the one or two keys to Mad Tea Party's success and longevity? What would you say you do better than other festivals? 

Elise: One of the things that is most integral to our success is relationships.  Taco is the best at this.  He has a genuine interest and love for people, he can find something in common with a paper bag, I swear.  Having our magazine The Jamwich, and being so immersed in festivals, shows, venues...we meet a lot of people and make a lot of friends.  These bonds we create, we only work to strengthen as years go by.  Our festival being our wedding anniversary also makes it a special and personal event.  There are many festivals where the organizers are unknown or unseen, and we are the opposite.  We are purposefully very present.  I don't know if it's something we do better, but it's something we do differently that really makes an impact.  Whether or not an attendee ever gets to meet us face-to-face, the intention of love that the event is built on ripples throughout every little heart in the place.

TLS: Looking back on when Mad Tea Party Jam was just getting started, what were some of the biggest lessons you learned in the first year or two? Any details you overlooked or things that you made sure to improve over the years?

Elise: We had no idea what we were doing when we did Mad Tea Party Jam 2, the first year it was an actual festival.  The list of things that we overlooked is too immense to even tell you.  We probably overlooked like 50% of the things we needed to plan properly.  We didn't know what a production bible was, we didn't know how to properly run will call.  We didn't have any barricades, enough people staffed so that anyone could sleep. So many of our staff members in the first couple of years just literally didn't sleep. My assistant and best friend Stevie would work the front gate until her voice was gone and she sounded like Minnie Mouse.  So over the years we learned to staff more people, order more supplies, and try to plan earlier.  There's always still things that are overlooked and kinks in the chain, but that's a festival.

TLS: I have not had the opportunity to attend Mad Tea Party Jam myself yet, but I have spoken to a few of my friends who have been, and everyone talks about how great the vibe is…intimate atmosphere, friendly, loving staff and attendees…how do you balance keeping a festival small and intimate with the business side of things…scaling in size, so the festival can be more financially successful. 

Elise: Taco and I are both admittedly terrible at keeping the books and the budget straight.  We're very vision-oriented people.  Our partners at Four Quarters Farm stepped in to help us with a lot of this and kind of reel us in and keep us in line.  What we've learned, which comes with a couple of years experience, is to figure out how many people are definitely going to come out, and then build your budget around that number.  This system doesn't allow for a lot of growth, though, so risks have to be taken anyway.  There's no guarantees, and throwing a festival is a really volatile career move.  If you're thinking about throwing a festival, don't do it ha ha!  It's incredibly rewarding, but we are still trying to pay back debts accrued over the years.  We definitely don't do it for the money.

TLS: Are there any first time bands playing the festival this year that you’re especially excited about showcasing? 

Elise: Yes!  We always bring in a couple of new bands. This year we are incredibly excited about After Funk -- with the word "funk" being thrown around so much, the word is losing its luster, but these guys really revitalize the word!  Chalk Dinosaur is an amazing producer, basically a one-man jam band, Earphorik is incredible, Erothyme has such a cool sound and vibe, Goose has a different folk-y flavor...there are so many new bands to discover this year.

Photo by Brian Hockensmith (B. Hockensmith Photography) - Click HERE to view more of Brian's amazing photos from Mad Tea Party Jam 5

Photo by Brian Hockensmith (B. Hockensmith Photography) - Click HERE to view more of Brian's amazing photos from Mad Tea Party Jam 5

Click HERE to purchase tickets for Mad Tea Party Jam 6!


Deep Roots Mountain Revival - Initial Lineup Announcement


Deep Roots Mountain Revival - Initial Lineup Announcement

Deep Roots Mountain Revival has announced its initial lineup for their second annual music and arts festival, happening July 20-22, 2017. Circle this one on your calendar, folks; it's happening a bit earlier in the festival season than the 2016 DRMR, which took place last September. This year's headliners, Brandi Carlile and Lettuce, will be joined by JJ Grey & Mofro, Moon Taxi, White Denim, Drake White and the Big Fire, TAUK, The Hip Abduction, and some of our favorite string bands, including Cabinet, Larry Keel Experience, and Billy Strings, to name a few. The festival takes place in Masontown, WV on the legendary Marvin’s Mountaintop, an incredible, picturesque setting, responsible for quite a few of my earlier festival memories. Check out the intitial lineup below, and keep an eye out for more additions in the near future.

Deep Roots Mountain Revival Initial Lineup:

  • Brandi Carlile

  • Lettuce

  • JJ Grey & Mofro

  • Moon Taxi

  • White Denim

  • Drake White and the Big Fire

  • TAUK

  • The Hip Abduction

  • Cabinet

  • Billy Strings

  • The Eric Krasno Band


  • Larry Keel Experience

  • Cris Jacobs Band

  • Dead 27s

  • Forlorn Strangers

  • Qiet

More to be announced soon! 

Additional information from the festival:

A limited number of advance price tickets are available for $165 for General Admission and $425 - $575 for VIP, respectfully. Once advance tickets are sold out, GA prices will increase to $185, and will be $225 at the gate. Car camping and RV upgrades are also available. VIP ticket package options include early entry; buffet lunch and dinner; happy hour beer and wine; access to premiere viewing areas at all stages; access to private bathrooms and showers; VIP camping sites; VIP lounge access; a swag bag; and a stainless steel souvenir mug. Tickets can be purchased through the Deep Roots Mountain Revival website: mountainrevival.com.

Marvin’s Mountaintop has been revived as a premier family-friendly music festival in the Appalachian mountains. Children ages 10 and under will be admitted into the festival for free, and new this year, kids ages 11-15 can purchase tickets for $50 with proof of age presented at the gate including birth certificate, student ID, passport, or report card. A variety of creative kids activities for all ages will be announced soon. Grab your ticket, and join us around the campfire for another incredible weekend of rhythm, roots, family, and fun!

For more information on the Deep Roots Mountain Revival, visit www.mountainrevival.com.

ADVANCE TICKETS: $165 for 3-DAY GA // $425 - $575 for 3-Day VIP
TICKETS AVAILABLE AT: www.mountainrevival.com


Greensky/Dusters Photoshop Challenge!!


Greensky/Dusters Photoshop Challenge!!

Ready, set...PHOTOSHOP!!

Greensky Bluegrass and The Infamous Stringdusters have been scaling the bluegrass/jamgrass mountain together for a number of years now, and both bands are at the top of their live music games. While no one will argue that they are distinctly different bands, I know a plethora of people who would plant their fan flag in front of both (there are 13,826 combined people who have joined both bands’ Facebook fan groups as of today). 

We have been lucky enough to witness plenty of sit-ins between members of GSBG and ISD, but as they grow in popularity, getting both full bands to share the stage at the same time is becoming an ever-increasing rarity. We got close at Strings & Sol last Sunday during Greensky Bluegrass’s set, but as Anders Beck pointed out several songs later, his friend and former Broke Mountain band mate, Travis Book, had missed his sit-in, making him the only member of either band who was not on stage.

The Lot Scene thinks it might not be too late to rectify this situation. Please Photoshop Travis Book into the picture below, so we can make everything right with the world. Use any photo of Travis that you want. Be creative, be funny, and enter as many times as you’d like.

Submit your entries to info@thelotscene.com by 8pm EST Thursday, December 29th.

In your email, please include the following:



•T-shirt size (Men’s large, Women’s medium, etc.)

We will choose our favorite entry and send one lucky winner a care package with some random goodies. Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!  


Where in the world is Travis Book?

Where in the world is Travis Book?


Strings & Sol Festival 2016 - Preview

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Strings & Sol Festival 2016 - Preview

Strings and Sol Festival 2016 Preview

for The Lot Scene by Parker and Will

“Just what is Strings & Sol,” you ask?  “Why only the best little bluegrass festy north of the Equator!” comes the reply.  For the uninitiated, S&S is so often that ‘bucket list’ festival, that brass ring of bluegrass bodaciousness that eludes the grasp until that first year of attendance, until those first magical moments in Mexico with your brand new Strings and Sol Family.  Sol Family.  Exactly.  And, for those returning usual suspects, those yearning for that ‘summer camp’ feeling from youth mixed with magnificent music, pool-time paradise, liberally-supplied libations, and exquisite evenings shared with friends and fellow fans, Strings & Sol promises to be all they remember it to be.  And more.  So much more.  Three years in for us here at The Lot Scene and the upward spiral in amazing energy and overall awesomeness of this festival is visibly apparent from all angles.  Cloud 9 runs a very tight and professional ship in general and S&S is no exception.  For our money, this is one of the very best planned, best organized, and best executed festival experiences in our community today.  The overall participant experience is super positive and seems to leave returning folks hoping for more, more, more…that is, if the crazy fast sell-out situation this year is any indication.  But, the fun is just around the corner — only a week away from today, in fact, good people!  So, keep getting your pool floats, sippy cups, costumes, and smiles ready this week in preparation and take a gander below at some good info for your time down in Mexico.  Looking forward to seeing you all at the Sapphire!!  Safe travels, everyone!!

Leftover Salmon and Friends

Leftover Salmon and Friends

Definitely Not to Be Missed for S&S 2016

1.  Greensky Bluegrass’ pool set from 2-3:30PM on Sunday — these are the types of specialty sets that really set Strings & Sol apart from other festivals you’ve been to. Anyone who caught Greensky’s early afternoon set at the Palapa last year can tell you just how unique an experience these sets can be. The pool set is even a bit later than their Palapa set was last time, so hopefully Max Berde can drag himself out of bed in time to make it this year.

2.  Getting to know the NOW Sapphire Staff — supreme friendliness, outstanding service, and a generally lovely disposition make the resort staff at S&S some of the best we’ve ever encountered.  They love the fest and the music and they’ll definitely love getting to know you.  In fact, many veterans count several friends amongst the staff.  And tipping, of course, is always appreciated.  Your good time is their good time.

3.  Railroad Earth’s Sunset Show from 4-6PM on Saturday — there is nothing quite like sending the Sol off to bed once again than with those fine fellows from New Jersey!  Seriously, a sunset spent on the beach with RRE is magical all in its own amazing way and should be on your list as well.

4.  Unplugged in the Palapa with The Infamous Stringdusters from 6:30-7:30PM on Sunday — yet another incredible and unique offering from S&S.  What a fantastic way to experience such a dynamic band as The Dusters!!  This one’s gonna be very worth it.

5.  Keller Williams’ Grateful Grass from 1-2:30AM on Monday in the Palapa - if you have never seen one of Mr. Williams’ Grateful Grass shows before, then we tell you, you are in for a treat.  Especially with this line-up to choose from.  And, if you have seen one or more before, then you know they aren’t to be missed.  How fortunate we get our very own at S&S this year!!  Really psyched to see that lineup and the setlist — should make for a fantastic closer to the festival.  And with the Dead, no doubt.  Stellar.  

6.  The Positive Legacy Silent Auction from 4-7:10PM on Monday — this auction helps to support a great cause from a fantastic organization.  Positive Legacy puts together the best in music memorabilia and art each year making for one heck of a fantastic opportunity for S&S festival goers.  So many unique pieces up for auction and to help do some good in the world.  Not bad, right?  Not bad, indeed!

7.  A couple of these we can keep nice and simple:  Don’t miss anything involving Larry Keel…

8.  …or anything involving Danny Barnes.  Pretty straightforward there, right?  

9.  Playing in the Sand from 6:15-7PM on Saturday at the Swing Bar — come out and hear your fellow Sol Sisters and Sol Brothers jamming out beach bar style.  Always a good time and you never know who might show up!!

10.  Late nights at the Swing Bar or around the adult pool…so much fun!  Community, conversation, music, merriment, and any number of things await those who brave the wee hours of the morning at Strings & Sol.  Besides, the coffee at the Sapphire is nice and strong!  And for thosewho really know how not to under do it, keep that Swing Bar party going until the sun rises. Trust us, you won't be the only one, and the photo ops can be both hilarious and breathtakingly beautiful.

And so, with that, friends, we look forward to seeing you down south in the warmer climes, drink in hand, feet in sand, head high in the skies of music and magic moments soaring above the Sapphire.  Can’t wait to see those pool floats!!

All the best and iiHASTA MEXICO, AMIGOS!!


Greensky Bluegrass

Greensky Bluegrass

Image Gallery from past Strings & Sols:


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Keller Williams' ThanksForGrassGiving


Keller Williams' ThanksForGrassGiving

Keller Williams on the main stage @ DelFest 2016

Keller Williams on the main stage @ DelFest 2016

Growing up, when it came to holidays, my family always had a light-hearted rule: if you do something once and like it or if you do something twice whether you like it or not, it becomes a tradition...needless to say we had a lot of holiday traditions. I guess I've carried that mentality into adulthood. Some of my new favorite Thanksgiving traditions are Keller Williams' Thanksforgrassgiving concerts at 9:30 Club in DC and The National in Richmond, VA.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so with that in mind, here are 17,000 words worth of photos from Keller's 2015 ThanksForGrassGiving at The National...

*Click on images to enlarge...*

This year, Keller is getting some support from his friends, Jeff Austin (mandolin), Jay Starling (dobro), Danton Boller (bass), and Nicky Sanders (fiddle). 

Don't be late - Love Canon will be getting the party started!

To Purchase Tickets:
11/25 - Washington, DC Tickets: http://ticketf.ly/2gdKOvP
11/26 - Richmond, VA Tickets: http://bit.ly/2fmX2RN


Beat Root Revival @ The Warner Theatre in Washington, DC


Beat Root Revival @ The Warner Theatre in Washington, DC

Armed w/ an acoustic-electric guitar, an acoustic-electric bodhrán, and a vocal blend usually reserved for members of the same family, music-duo Beat Root Revival (Andrea Magee & Ben Jones) bring a bold, passionate sound to their music, and they're bringing that sound to the Warner Theatre this Saturday, November 26th when they open for The Brian Setzer Orchestra's 13th Annual Christmas Rocks tour.

I had a chance to talk to Andrea & Ben a bit about their music, moving from the UK to the US, and what the future has in store for Beat Root Revival. Here's how that went down:

The Lot Scene: Irish trad, folk, rock, roots, pop, country...you probably hate boxing yourselves into a label or genre, but I'll ask you to anyway. How would you describe your musical style to someone you just met and has never heard you perform?
Beat Roots Revival: You are right!  We find it tough to be put in a box but when we describe our sound we usually aim for Retro Roots. We are an energetic, dynamic duo and try our best to just make good music that connects with the listener. A waitress in a Denny's restaurant described us one time as "You've got the Beat and are Rooted in old music and are reviving it!" 

The Lot Scene: How long ago did you two move to the United States? Living in the US, playing music around the country, meeting other musicians in the community...how, if any, has your style of music or approach to performing evolved since you moved here?
Beat Root Revival: We moved to USA nearly three years ago. We packed up all our belongings selling/giving everything we owned away and hopped on a plane. We committed everything to making this work and both knew there was no turning back. We have met many amazing people, who have now became our very close friends and who have made continuing on this path possible. We have definitely found our sound over the last two years. We started off as two solo performers and during the last two years there has been plenty of exploration and growth on both sides to find a sound that represented both of us, and we feel like we are finally there. 

The Lot Scene: Andrea, starting at 10 years old, you were playing flute in a band with your dad and sister in pubs around Ireland. Were the audiences / bar patrons generally respectful and attentive to the music, or did they ever get rowdy and out of control? Any crazy or particularly memorable stories from those days?
Andrea: Pubs are pretty unpredictable, but I feel like I have been fairly lucky when it comes to playing in venues that really love and respect music! If anyone behaved out of hand, there was always someone there to put them in their place. In my experience in Ireland, the sessions I played in in bars have very attentive audiences and everyone has respect for the players and music.

The Lot Scene: What's on the horizon for 2017? Plans to get back in the studio? Any tours in the works that you can talk about at this point?
Ben: All of the above. We'd like to continue visiting new cities we haven't yet played to spread what we have as far and wide as possible. And we are tentatively looking towards planning another album, aiming to create our own “Rumours”, hitting a high benchmark for songs and production. 

The Lot Scene: Thanks so much for your time!

For a taste of what you can expect from these United Kingdom turned Austin, TX transplants, check out the video below of Beat Root Revival performing their song, "Instincts" at The Basement in Nashville, TN...

Making their debut appearance at one of Nashvilles' premier music hotspots, The Basement, Beat Root perform "Instincts", one of their signature songs from their debut album, "Waiting on a Miracle", to a captive audience. 25th August 2015 - Filmed by Richard Lee Jackson (C) Beat Root 2015 www.beatrootmusic.com

Event Information:

Saturday, November 26th, 2016

Warner Theatre

513 13th Street
NW Washington, DC 20004

Doors: 7:00
Show: 8:00

Click here to purchase tickets!

Keep up with Beat Root Revival on social media:


The Hip Abduction Tour Makes a Stop at DC's Gypsy Sally's


The Hip Abduction Tour Makes a Stop at DC's Gypsy Sally's

St. Petersburg, Florida's The Hip Abduction is stopping by our nation's capital for a night of music at Gypsy Sally's in Georgetown this Saturday, in what is their last concert before heading to Alabama and Florida for several shows w/ funk powerhouse, Galactic. Afro-pop sensations, Elikehwill be in the house to get the party started. These are two bands with big sounds for a venue as intimate as Gypsy Sally's. It's going to be a throw down, so get your tickets at the link below and get there early, ready to dance!

Check out The Hip Abduction's video of "Come Alive," one of the catchiest damn songs I've heard in a long time!

Many thanks to all our awesome fans who made this possible! "Come Alive" by The Hip Abduction (ILS Group/ Caroline/ Universal).

What: The Hip Abduction (w/ Elikeh) 
When: Saturday, November 12th
Where: Gypsy Sally's - 3401 K Street NW Washington, DC 20007
Doors: 7 pm / Show 9pm
Tickets: $13 / $15 DOS
Purchase Ticketshttp://www.gypsysallys.com/event/1324499-hip-abduction-elikeh-washington/

Jeffrey Socha will be there with camera armed, ready to capture some of those live music memories for us!


The Nth Power - New Album & Tour Dates


The Nth Power - New Album & Tour Dates

The Nth Power, a Brooklyn-based funk & soul quartet, is releasing their new live album, "To Be Free," next Friday, 11/11/16. Check out the videos below for a taste of what you can expect from these incredibly talented musicians...

"Take My Soul" from The Nth Power's upcoming live release "To Be Free". Available in stores Nov 11th on Harmonized Records. See you this Fall! #thenthpowerlovesyou
In a system that profits off of ignorance and thrives on complacency, "TRUTH" is a call to action - a reminder to unify and educate ourselves because preserving and strengthening humanity is our greatest responsibility. New Live Record "Live To Be Free" out November 11th - distributed by Harmonized Records.

"To Be Free - Live" is currently available for purchase exclusively at The Nth Power shows or via digital pre-sale at https://lnk.to/nthpower. The album will be available in record stores and online retailers on November 11th through Harmonized Records. The band is on a national tour in support of the album through December. A list of remaining tour dates is below.

For more information on The Nth Power, including ticket information for all shows, visit thenthpowermusic.com.

11/4/2016 - Cervantes Other Side - Denver, CO
11/5/2016 - Hodi's Half Note - Ft. Collins, CO
11/6/2016 - Fox Theatre - Boulder, CO
11/8/2016 - 1884 Lounge @ Minglewood Hall - Memphis, TN
11/10/2016 - Bootleg @ Atomic Cowboy - St. Louis, MO
11/11/2016 - Martyrs - Chicago, IL
11/12/2016 - The Mousetrap - Indianapolis, IN
11/13/2016 - Woodlands Tavern - Columbus, OH
11/15/2016 - The Southern - Charlottesville, VA
11/16/2016 - The Broadberry - Richmond, VA
11/18 & 11/19 - Suwannee Music Hall - Live Oak, FL
12/29-1/1/17 - Hometeam NYE Rally - Lakeland, FL




Earphunk Brings Their Prog-Funk Sound to Jammin' Java


Earphunk Brings Their Prog-Funk Sound to Jammin' Java

Progressive-funk quintet Earphunk will be heading to Jammin Java this Friday, September 16th. Earphunk's jam infused in-the-pocket-funk grooves are selling out rooms across the country. When you go to an Earphunk show, get ready to dance! The band just announced the October 7th release of their fourth album, Right Where I Belong and supporting tour. Check out "Moolah," the first single off their new album below...

Right Where I Belong was recorded with Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies, The Breeders, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, PJ Harvey, Superchunk, Robert Plant & Jimmy Page, etc).
The NOLA-based band’s 3rd studio album release, Sweet Nasty was downloaded just shy of 600,000 times on BitTorrent Bundle, and Relix Magazine called it a "solid collection of 21st century funk jams that will surely drop jaws.” The band has enjoyed heavy rotation on SiriusXM’s JamOn, national tours, prime festival slots, and sold-out shows.

What: Earphunk (supported by Madaila
When: September 16, 2016
Where: Jammin Java - 227 Maple Ave E, Vienna, VA 22180
Time: Doors 7:30pm / Show 9pm
Ages: All ages
Tickets: $10 Advance / $12 Day Of - http://jamminjava.com/event/1268549-earphunk-vienna/

Can't make it on Friday? There are plenty of other opportunities to catch Earphunk's high-energy act. Check out the rest of their tour dates below...


Deep Roots Mountain Revival @ Marvin's Mountaintop


Deep Roots Mountain Revival @ Marvin's Mountaintop




TICKETS: Tier 1 General Admission 3-Day $150 (on sale now) // GA + Thursday Early Arrival $180 (on sale now) // VIP $570 (on sale now) // Tier 2 General Admission 3-Day $150 (on sale starting August 1) // GA + Thursday Early Arrival $180 (on sale starting August 1)

PURCHASE TICKETSwww.mountainrevival.com/tickets
FESTIVAL WEBSITEhttp://www.mountainrevival.com

Festival preview by Bill Rudd...

In less than a week, music returns to the mighty Marvin’s Mountaintop in Masontown, West Virginia. The hallowed All Good grounds will host the inaugural Deep Roots Mountain Revival from September 15 to 18. The festival’s impressive and diverse “Americana” lineup has been the talk of the campgrounds all summer, boasting a bevy of heavy hitters supported by the some of the region’s best bands.

Bluegrass and jamgrass are well represented from headliners Greensky Bluegrass and Leftover Salmon, to the legend lead Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder and David Grisman Sextet. With festival favorites like Cabinet, Larry Keel Experience, Cornmeal, and Rumpke Mountain Boys, teamed with local Appalachian acts like The Hillbilly Gypsies, The Woodshedders, Grand Ole’ Ditch, and The Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers, this Mountain Revival is sure to be a picker’s paradise.

Fans who prefer headier jams can look forward to appearances from a variety of bands like Melvin Seals and JGB, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, The Hip Abduction, Big Something, Ginada Pinata, and Fletcher’s Grove, in addition to a special assembly of Zach Nugent’s Dead Set comprised of Vinnie Amico (moe.), Russ Lawton and Tony Markellis (Trey Anastasio Band), Colin Lenox (Dead Set), and the aforementioned Melvin Seals. The Lot Scene staff is especially looking forward to seeing the Cris Jacobs Band bridging the gap to the Mountaintop’s past.

Deep Roots has broadened their festival’s appeal even further by introducing alternative country to the party. Acts like Jamey Johnson, Blackberry Smoke, Shooter Jennings with Waymore’s Outlaws, Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives, and Yarn should be warmly welcomed in West Virginia. Americana artists such as Rising Appalachia, Fruition, The Black Lillies, Megan Jean & the KFB, and The Company Stores don’t fit as easily into any genre because each specialize in making outstanding original music that has to be witnessed first-hand to be understood. With a stellar lineup coming to a storied location, we’re incredibly excited to be on hand for the first annual Deep Roots Mountain Revival.


Greensky Bluegrass
Jamey Johnson
Blackberry Smoke
Leftover Salmon
The David Grisman Sextet
Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder
Corey Smith
Love and Theft
Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives
Shooter Jennings with Waymore's Outlaws
Melvin Seals & JGB
Rising Appalachia
Pigeons Playing Ping Pong
Rumpke Mountain Boys
Cris Jacobs Band
Zach Nugent's Deadset
The Black Lillies
The Movement
Alvin "Youngblood" Hart's Muscle Theory
The Hip Abduction
Big Something
The Marcus King Band
Larry Keel Experience
Girls, Guns & Glory
Spiritual Rez
The Woodshedders
The Trongone Band
Grand Ole Ditch
Megan Jean & The KFB
Hillbilly Gypsies
Fletcher's Grove
The Jakob's Ferry Stragglers
Poor Taters
Ginada Pinata
Matt Mullins & The Bringdowns
Hillbilly Carnival
The Company Store
Low Seam
The Kind Thieves
Rus Reppert
The Greg Harrison Band
Corey Hager



Freekbass To Unleash Retro-Modern Funktronica On The Front Range!!!


Freekbass To Unleash Retro-Modern Funktronica On The Front Range!!!

Saturday, July 30th

Sancho's Boulder Arrow - Boulder, CO

Doors:  8PM - Show:  9PM

With Orbis & Roxy Roca

Freekbass Unleashes Retro-Modern Funktronica at Sancho's Boulder Arrow

New album, Cincinnati, produced by Duane Lundy (My Morning Jacket’s Jim James, Ben Sollee) and featuring contributions from members of Bootsy’s Rubberband, Parliament-Funkadelic and the Trey Anastasio Band.

"With organic, bass-centric sounds mixing with forward-looking soundscapes, Cincinnati finds Freekbass bridging the gap between classic funk and the future of the groove. Aided by the vision of producer and engineer Duane Lundy, this album lives in the rawness of the earth while traveling to the future of worlds yet to be discovered.
Inspired by the inventiveness and massive sonics of David Bowie, the ten-songs on Cincinnati celebrate a sound while simultaneously pushing the envelope of what it is and what it can be. Funk is only a part of it. 
Accompanying him on the album are Joel "Razor Sharp" Johnson from Bootsy's Rubberband, Big Bamn from Bootsy Collin's Funk Unity Band, Chip Wilson from George Clinton's Parliament-Funkadelic, Les Claypool collaborator Skerik, Jennifer Hartswick from Trey Anastasio Band, Kim Manning and percussionist David Farris.
In addition to albums, Freekbass has released three instructional DVDs Learn Funk Bass with Freekbass, Level 1 & Level 2 and 50 Freekbass Licks You Must Know. He also gave a master class at this year’s London Bass Guitar Show (and appeared with a number of great bassists on the cover of Bass Guitar Magazine).
“I feel with music it is your duty to release not just albums, but to let other people gain any insight into what got you where you are,” Freekbass says. “Plus I have personally become such a better player since I have started instruction.”
Knowing he has as much to learn as he has to teach, Freekbass has played in a number of different projects with the likes of Bootsy Collins, Phish’s Mike Gordon, DJ Spooky, Buckethead, Bernie Worrell, Kelly Richey, Adam Deitch, Steve Molitz and many more." 

For more information on Freekbass, please see his website here:  www.freekbass.com

For more information on the venue, please head here:  www.facebook.com/Sanchos-Boulder-Arrow-1480932945540510/







Keller Williams Releases New EP:  Bluhm

A collection of Tim Bluhm covers featuring Jackie Greene, Reed Mathis, Jason Crosby, Larry and Jenny Keel with 100% of proceeds benefiting Tim Bluhm’s medical fund.

Hey there, Friends of the Scene!!  Some lovely news for all of us who love us some Keller Williams:  he is releasing some brand spanking new music today!!  Featuring a powerhouse group of friends and guests, this album is also for a great cause making it all the more special a surprise for this Tuesday.  Please take a read below for more info on the EP from Keller's camp:

"Today, independent recording artist Keller Williams releases Bluhm, a five track EP benefitting fellow musician Tim Bluhm of The Mother Hips who, in the fall of 2015, was severely injured in a speed flying accident. Since his accident, Tim has undergone a number of surgeries incurring upwards of $50,000 in uninsured medical expenses. Keller has been a longtime fan of Tim Bluhm, whom he describes as “the epitome of a west coast songwriter.” Inspired by Tim’s plight, Keller wanted to support Tim and his music by releasing Bluhm and giving 100% of the net proceeds to Tim Bluhm’s medical fund.

For the Bluhm recording, Keller rallied an all-star west coast crew of musicians and some old time friends to collaborate on this five track EP. Bluhm features performances by Jackie Greene, Reed Mathis, Jason Crosby, and Larry and Jenny Keel. “I looked at it as a perfect excuse to record five of my favorite Tim Bluhm songs with all the proceeds going to help him get back on his foot,” says Williams. Bluhm is available for digital download through livedownloads.com and iTunes.

As always, Keller is a busy man this summer. In addition to recording Bluhm, he is travelling the country hitting many festivals with some of his fan-favorite projects and working on a new KWahtro record to be released in the coming months. You can catch Keller Williams at the shows listed below and stay tuned for a Fall Tour announcement coming in July!"

Bluhm Track Listing:

"Smoke" (Jackie Greene, banjitar & vocals; Reed Mathis bass; Keller Williams, guitar & vocals)

"Spotless As You" (Reed Mathis, bass; Keller Williams, guitar & vocals)

"Esmerelda" (Jackie Greene, dobro & vocals; Reed Mathis, bass; Keller Williams, guitar & vocals)

"Gold Plated" (Reed Mathis, bass; Keller Williams, guitar & vocals)

"Do it on the Strings" (Larry Keel, guitar & vocals; Jenny Keel, bass & vocals; Jason Crosby, fiddle; Keller Williams, mandola & vocals)

Keller Williams Tour Dates:

6/30 Party in the Park | Rochester, NY | More Than A Little 7/01 Grateful Fest | Garrettsville, OH | More Than A Little

7/02 Paradise on the Point | Cincinnati, OH | Keller Williams Solo

7/03 Highberry Music Festival | Ozark, AR | Keller Williams Solo

7/09 Blissfest | Harbor Springs, MI | Keller Williams Solo

7/15 Terrapin Crossroads | San Rafael, CA | Keller Williams Solo

7/16-17 Northwest String Summit | North Plains, OR | More Than A Little & Keller Williams’
Grateful Gospel

7/21 Jerry Jam Music Festival | Bath, NY | Keller Williams Solo

7/22 Be Kind Gathering | Harrodsburg, KY | Keller Williams Solo

7/23 Live from the Underground | McMinnville, TN | Keller Williams Solo w/ special guest
Zach Deputy

7/30-31 Floyd Fest | Floyd, VA | Keller Williams Solo, Keller & The Keels, More Than A Little                                                                                                                                                         

8/04 The Peace Center for the Performing Arts | Greenville, SC | Keller Williams Solo                                                                                                                                          

8/05 Brooklyn Performing Arts Center | Wilmington, NC | Keller Williams Solo

8/06 Levon Helm Studios | Woodstock, NY | Keller Williams Solo

8/07 Jonathan Edwards Winery | North Stonington, CT | Keller Williams Solo

8/20 Camp Barefoot | Elkins, WV | Keller Williams Solo & Keller Loves Canon

8/27-28 LOCKN’ Festival | Arrington, VA | Keller Williams’ Grateful Grass & Keller Williams’
Grateful Gospel

9/02 Bell’s Brewery | Kalamazoo, WI | More Than A Little

9/02-04 Shoe Fest | Manteno, IL | More Than A Little

9/04 The Bootleg | St. Louis, MO | More Than A Little

9/08 Jackson Hole Center for the Arts | Jackson Hole, WY | Shut the Folk Up & Listen ft. Leo

9/09 The Mishawaka Amphitheatre | Bellvue, CO | Keller Williams Solo, Keller & his
Compadres ft. Jeff Austin, Jay Starling, Bridget Law and Keith Moseley w/ special guest
Trout Steak Revival

9/10 The Mishawaka Amphitheatre | Bellvue, CO | More Than A Little with special guest
Andy Frasco

9/16-18 Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion | Bristol, TN | Keller Williams Solo

9/22-24 Resonance Music & Arts Festival | Thornville, OH | Keller Williams and special guests                                                                                                                                        

9/23-25 Catskill Chill | Lakewood, PA | Keller Williams’ Grateful Grass

10/22 The Georgia Theatre | Athens, GA | KWahtro with special guest Zach Deputy

11/12 The Orange Peel | Asheville, NC | KWahtro with special guest TBA

12/09-13 Strings & Sol | Puerto Morelos, Mexico | Keller Williams’ Grateful Grass, Keller & the

Additional dates to be announced.

Tickets and Info available at www.kellerwilliams.net


WinterWonderGrass 2016 Survival Guide


WinterWonderGrass 2016 Survival Guide

Fruition's Jay Cobb Anderson

Fruition's Jay Cobb Anderson


2015 WinterWonderGrass Recap

What better way to get ready for this year's festival than to take a walk down memory lane care of our dear friends at The Mischief Collective?  Please take a look at the following links for insights into last year's WinterWonderGrass experience (both CO and CA):

15 Ways WinterWonderGrass Will Warm Your Heart

"7. The Crowd

The Sweet Lillies provided Leftover Salmon fans with a fantastic opening set at Agave on Saturday night. Their drummer for the evening, Jake Wolf, who also happens to be an Avon councilman, stepped forward to share the feedback he’d been receiving from the locals- that WinterWonderGrass attendees hold a reputation for being the most kind, respectful, and dedicated to the music. If you care to surround yourself with people who are passionate about bluegrass…WinterWonderGrass is the place to do so."

WinterWonderGrass Tahoe 2015 - 5 Artist Profiles

Artist Profile:  Chris Pandolfi

"TMC: Is there a moment in particular from any of the four installments of the festival, including Tahoe, that stands out to you?

CP: I’ll never forget standing on stage the first year, trying to stay warm, wondering who’s idea it was to have an outdoor bluegrass festival in Colorado during the winter. And then all the sudden it started to dump snow from above, and all that ski town energy came pouring up onto the stage. The lights caught the snow and suddenly you could see forever—the energy became overwhelming. The music just came to life and it went down as one of our most memorable Stringduster sets of the year."

And be sure to be on the lookout for members of both The Mischief Collective and The Lot Scene all around WonderGrass this year.  Who knows just what sort of insanity we'll be getting up to?  Wanna join in The Mischief Scene shenanigannery?  Well then come on and get your crazy on with us WWG-style!!

Andy Thorn and Tyler Grant

Andy Thorn and Tyler Grant

WinterWonderGrass 2016 Survival Guide

WinterWonderGrass is a fest quite unlike any other given its time of year and location.  Snow is almost a surety in the Rocky Mountains surrounding Avon, CO.  As such, it pays to remember all the right gear and clothing — trust us, you don’t want to be caught unawares…or you’re gonna have a bad time.  Beer and bluegrass is the name of the game and with so many great breweries representing at WWG this year, how can you go wrong?  And that music lineup!  Forget about it, right??  So, speaking from some experience with WonderGrass, we’d like to offer up a little friendly advice for those going this year.


So many delicious brews to choose and you can hit every one!  A word to the wise, the altitude is a real thing when it comes to boozing in the mountains.  Please be safe and stay hydrated to keep yourself in raging shape.  There’s a ton of amazing music in store for the weekend — you wouldn’t want to be a festy casualty.  But enough of the dire warnings…here are our brewery recommendations for you this year:

Beers Not To Be Missed:

  • Breckenridge Brewery

  • Avery

  • Oskar Blues

  • Lefthand

  • Odell

The Wood Brothers

The Wood Brothers


How could you make a mistake when it comes to ANY of this lineup?  With a schedule jam-packed full of amazing main stage and incredible secondary stage acts, it can be so hard to decide whom to see.  Based on the schedule, here are the bands that we would recommend as “must sees” for WWG 2016:

Music Not To Be Missed:


  • The Travelin’ McCourys

  • Larry Keel’s WWG All Stars

  • Leftover Salmon

  • The Grant Farm


  • Peter Rowan & Friends

  • Fruition

  • Greensky Bluegrass

  • Larry Keel

  • Billy Strings


  • WWG All Stars

  • Paul Hoffman

  • Dustbowl Revival

  • The Lil’ Smokies

  • Greensky Bluegrass

Andy Thorn of Leftover Salmon

Andy Thorn of Leftover Salmon


You really can’t go wrong when it comes to late night at WWG.  So many choices between such great music.  All the venues are incredible, small, intimate spaces that provide the perfect backdrop for the nighttime crawl.  Here is our plan for late night festivities:

Late Night Not To Be Missed:

  • Friday - The Travelin’ McCourys OR The Grant Farm with Town Cavalry

  • Saturday - The Lil’ Smokies/Billy Strings

  • Sunday - Dustbowl Revival and WWG Allstars


Vince Herman of Leftover Salmon

Vince Herman of Leftover Salmon

There you have it, friends -- our 2016 WonderGrass Survival Guide.  We're looking forward to seeing you all out in Avon this year.  Safe travels to the fest this year -- let's all hope for great weather on I-70!!!  

Let's get ready to WonderGrass!!!

- The Lot Scene (Will and Parker) and The Mischief Collective (Hilary and Tory)

The "Mischief Scene"

The "Mischief Scene"

PS - Be sure to find The Lot Scene to get your complimentary commemorative button for this year!!  Look for our top hats and our rubber chicken buddy!!


The Werks Host STS9, Lettuce and more at The Werk Out Music & Arts Festival


The Werks Host STS9, Lettuce and more at The Werk Out Music & Arts Festival

The Werks Host STS9, Lettuce and more at The Werk Out Music & Arts Festival
Ohio Band’s Seventh Annual Homegrown Event Held at Legend Valley on August 4-6

http://www.thewerkoutfestival.com | http://www.thewerksmusic.com

Celebrating 10 years of playing together, The Werks have put together one of their most exciting Werk Out Music & Arts Festival to date. Held at Legend Valley (just east of Columbus) on August 4-6, this seventh annual event features three nights of The Werks, along with STS9, Lettuce, two nights of Dopapod, two nights of Twiddle and many more. 

The end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 was a very trying time for The Werks. They marked their 10th anniversary with the release their new album, Inside a Dream. They played one of the most talked about sets from Jam Cruise. Then tragedy struck. Only hours after they had left the stage on Jam Cruise, back at home founding keyboardist, Norman Dimitrouleas (brother of bassist, Dino) passed away in his sleep. This much tumult could be the end of many bands, but The Werks remain committed to their life’s work. Their music. Taking time to process the loss, Dino has announced a leave of absence from the band and will be replaced by SassafraZ’s Jake Goldberg.

2016’s initial lineup includes:
The Werks (3 nights)
STS9 (2 sets)
Lettuce (Late Night)
Dopapod (2 nights)
Twiddle (2 nights)
The Motet (Late Night)
The Mantras
Broccoli Samurai
Glostik Willy
Mister F
Higher Learning
and more to be announced

From headlining stages at the country’s biggest festivals, to selling out shows around the country, to running their own record label, 1320 RECORDS, pushing boundaries is all in a day’s work for instrumental electronic rock band STS9

For more than two decades, Lettuce have brought a new vitality to classic funk, matching their smooth and soulful grooves with a hip-hop-inspired urgency and mastery of beat. 

Formerly known as Buckeye Lake Music Center, the sprawling festival grounds of Legend Valley have played host to some of Ohio’s most memorable live performances of the past five decades including half a dozen Grateful Dead concerts as well as tour stops from Lollapalooza, AC/DC, WOMAD, The Allman Brothers Band, and numerous other large events.

GA festival passes are available now for $109.95 and $219.95 for VIP packages which include Official VIP-Access Laminate, VIP only Showers, VIP only Bathrooms, VIP only concert viewing area & more. The Werk Out Festival tickets are available at http://www.thewerkoutfestival.com/site/get-tickets

The Werk Out Festival is produced by Trickle Productions and The Werks Music, LLC. 

Complete Werk Out Festival information and tickets are available at http://www.thewerkoutfestival.com/


Dog Days Bluegrass Festival *Free Music Alert*


Dog Days Bluegrass Festival *Free Music Alert*

Dog Days Bluegrass Festival presented by BeeJeeCo

Watering Bowl / Denver, CO / August 30, 2015

2015 marked the inaugural year of Dog Days Bluegrass Festival, held at Watering Bowl in Denver, CO. As the name might suggest, Dog Days Bluegrass Festival is a dog-friendly, outdoor event featuring some of the Front Range's favorite bluegrass pickers. In addition to the first rate music, Dog Days also included art, vendors, and a raffle which benefited Denver Dumb Friends League, an organization working to eliminating pet homelessness and suffering in the Denver area.

In anticipation of their 2016 date and lineup announcements, our friends at BeeJeeCo. have begun releasing soundboard recordings of last year's event. Links to sets 1 & 2 from the Dog Days All Stars are below, including some surprise sit-ins from Greensky Bluegrass' Paul Hoffman in set 2. We hope you enjoy, and be sure to like BeeJeeCo. on Facebook (here) so you can be the first to hear new soundboard releases as well as information on upcoming events.


Chris Pandolfi (Infamous Stringdusters) - Banjo

Andy Hall (Infamous Stringdusters) - Dobro

Tyler Grant (Grant Farm) - Guitar

Adrian Engfer (Grant Farm) - Bass

Also featuring:

*Paul Hoffman (of Greensky Bluegrass) on select songs - Mandolin


Track Listing:

00:00:00  Banter

00:00:30  I'm Troubled

00:04:00  99 Years

00:07:50  Ground Speed

00:11:28  Big Irons

00:19:04  I'm on my Way Back to The Old Home

00:22:10  Pick Myself Up

00:28:45  Mr. Charlie

00:33:08  Big Mon

00:37:17  I've Been All Around This World

00:43:40  Over in The Glory Land


00:00:00  Banter

00:00:57  Hippie Guitar

00:06:40  Good Morning Mister Railroad Man

00:13:19  Big Boss Man * w/ Paul Hoffman of Greensky Bluegrass

00:20:32  House of The Rising Sun * w/ Paul Hoffman of Greensky Bluegrass

00:28:10  White House Blues * w/ Paul Hoffman of Greensky Bluegrass

00:32:10  Jam * w/ Paul Hoffman of Greensky Bluegrass

00:39:35  Donovan * w/ Paul Hoffman of Greensky Bluegrass

00:47:23  Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms * w/ Paul Hoffman of Greensky Bluegrass

00:53:30  Jam * w/ Paul Hoffman of Greensky Bluegrass


Announcements from the world of Dark Star Orchestra


Announcements from the world of Dark Star Orchestra

Dark Star Orchestra Announces Theme for NYE in Philly, Crosses 2500 Show Threshold, Turns 18 This Week, and Returns to Jamaica in January

Among other milestones it’s crossing this week, Dark Star Orchestra is finally old enough to vote. The band enters into its 18th year of performing on 11/11/15, the anniversary of their first performance in 1997; while later this same week, the band will perform its 2500th show at the House of Blues in Boston, MA on November 18. This milestone is just one of many that Dark Star Orchestra has crossed, having already eclipsed the actual number of performances the Grateful Dead shared in their 30-year career. 

The numerical milestones aside, the band today announces noteworthy plans for its New Year’s Eve at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia with a duo of nights December 30 & 31. In the spirit of Bill Graham’s classic NYE celebrations, DSO has joined forces with the legendary West Coast festival design team at Peak Experience Productions. The key to the celebration is participation in DSO’s theme of “Let It Shine!”. The band wants to know what you are grateful for and what you want to shine some love and light on in 2016. There are creative plans to include each fans’ thoughts and wishes as part of the New Year’s show. Various engaging activities including a costume contest, all while presenting a multi-media journey featuring cirque performers, audience participation and a musical exploration for all who are present. More details are at http://bit.ly/DSONYE2015. Tickets for both nights at the Electric Factory are available at http://bit.ly/DSO_Philly

Soon after 2016 rings in with a four night, Cosmic New Year celebration run, Dark Star Orchestra returns to Jamaica for their fourth incursion of the Jam in the Sand Festival. Fewer than twenty rooms remain at press time for the event happening January 19 – 23, 2016 at the Jewel Paradise Cover in Runaway Bay, Jamaica. DSO performs four full nights, two sets per night and they’re joined by Steve Kimock’s Tribute to Jerry Garcia and Peter Rowan’s Bluegrass Band. Details on remaining available packages for the all-inclusive event can be found at www.DSOJamInTheSand.com. A video showing footage from this year’s Jam in the Sand Festival can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-fXMn8AwMk


N Street Village & White Ford Bronco Doing Important Work


N Street Village & White Ford Bronco Doing Important Work

On October 13th, I had the honor of photographing a fundraiser event for N Street Village (http://www.nstreetvillage.org), a non-profit organization in Washington, DC, which does amazing work helping homeless and low-income women, addressing both emergency and long-term needs. White Ford Bronco, the DC area's premier 90's cover band, put on a rockin' show full of your favorite hits from your least favorite decade. They had the sold-out crowd at Tropicalia dancing and singing along throughout the entire set. A big thank you to the band for supporting N Street Village! If you get a chance to see them play around the DC area, definitely don't miss out! You can find out more about them herehttp://www.whitefordbronco.com

If you believe (like I do) that we are all in this together and we all have an obligation to help our fellow sisters and brothers, N Street Village is a great example of an organization doing things the right way. If you believe (like I do) that you should donate your time and money to reputable organizations who are using those resources in the most efficient and beneficial ways possible, N Street Village is a great example of an organization doing things the right way. Far from a handout, N Street Village offers these women a hand UP.     

A little about the women they help...

  • N Street Village serves nearly 1400 women annually
  • 142 program residents at a time
  • 51 affordable housing units
  • 92% reported mental health issues, substance abuse issues, or both
  • 84% report a history of domestic violence or significant trauma
  • 75% have chronic health problems
  • 11% HIV+; one percent is considered an epidemic rate by the World Health Organization
  • Nearly 1 in 2 women have no income when they come to N Street Village (46%)

The impact of their work in a year (statistics taken from 2013 report)...

  • 45,000 meals served
  • 635 women received wellness center health services
  • 96% of residents maintained stable mental health
  • 92% of residents in recovery maintained sobriety
  • 100% of newly employed clients kept their jobs for at least 3 months

Check out the video below for more information on N Street Village, and if this cause strikes a chord with you, please consider donating to N Street Village at the link below: https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/NStreetVillage

From N Street Village's Website...

N Street Village is a community of empowerment and recovery for homeless and low-income women in Washington, D.C. With comprehensive services addressing both emergency and long-term needs, we help women achieve stability and make meaningful gains in their housing, income, employment, mental health, physical health, and addiction recovery.

Our excellence has been widely recognized. We are winners of the Washington Post Excellence in Nonprofit Management Award -- the first organization ever awarded on its first application, the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill Heroes in the Fight Award, and the Center for Nonprofit Advancement Board Leadership Award.