The Sanctum Sessions.png

We at TLS are very excited to introduce you to our latest endeavor, The Sanctum Sessions.  Our idea is to combine the elements of music and interview with socializing and friendship in a warm, inviting studio space in Boulder:  Parker’s “Sanctum Sanctorum”, a historic carriage house on University Hill.  Each session would feature the tales and tunes of artists in the Colorado area or those passing through the Front Range.  Our vision is to film a small interview portion to start followed by 2-3 songs/tunes performed by the guest artist(s). The entire session would be recorded on high-quality audio and high-resolution video equipment (multi-camera) pursuant to producing a web series based on the content of each session. 

Please stay tuned for more information on this upcoming project!!

If you are an artist interested in booking a Sanctum Session, please e-mail Parker at