Phone Interview:  Yasu Shiji - Spyn Reset

for The Lot Scene by Chris Kemp

TLS: Thanks for chatting. It was good to see you on tour again.

TLS: First off  let's get a rundown of what you guys have kind of been up to lately lately?

Yasu Shiji: We’re really focused on releasing our new album next year. That’s been mostly what we’ve been working on. Since it will be a full album we’re starting to plan a tour and some shows to support the new material. There will most likely be an album release party sometime between spring and summer.  We’re also really excited to tour with Marbin starting in February.

TLS: That’s awesome. Marbin will be a good fit for you guys. Can you talk a little more about what this new album will be like?

YS: This album will be a bit different for me because there are vocals on every track. I’m still using my vocoder but you can hear me actually sing on this album. You will hear my natural voice.

TLS: That’s a pretty big departure for you guys.

YS: Yeah we’re finally not just an instrumental band. We have lyrics and all that stuff. We definitely went way harder on this album. It’s a very heavy sound. I don’t want to say it’s metal but you kinda know what I mean.

TLS: What led you to create a more heavy sound on this album?

YS: This album is less prog and more straight forward. It’s more about creating a driving feeling with deeper lyrics. The lyrics are telling a story and using metaphors to create depth and meaning about today and what today means.

TLS: To me you’re trading complexities. The complexity used to be rooted in musical execution and now it’s more in lyricism. It’s the same idea you’ve been expressing but in another manner.  Who else have you been listening to for inspiration?

YS: TAUK, Animals as Leaders, Twiddle, Thundercat and Gorillaz

TLS: What other shows are in the works for Spyn Reset right now?

YS: We just wrapped up a show with Twiddle. We’re trying to get into the Upstream Music festival. We’re also excited for our first “Spread the Jam” event which happens this weekend, December 9th at Barboza. We’re hoping to bring the Jam and Prog communities together and that this will become an annual event. Expect something different in the future.   

TLS: Can you talk about some of your side projects and why those are important creatively?

YS: I pretty much compose music 24/7 and a lot of it isn’t getting written down or put anywhere. Sometimes when I write stuff it just doesn’t work for Spyn Reset. That’s why I started Kuroneko and Monokuro. I needed a space to utilize all of the music I’m making. I can express everything and not limit myself with these projects. I think I’m going to have a lot of gigs next year!

TLS: That’s awesome. I can’t wait to see you flush out some of these side projects. Maybe you can bring them to Colorado one day.

YS: I hope so!


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