On October 13th, I had the honor of photographing a fundraiser event for N Street Village (http://www.nstreetvillage.org), a non-profit organization in Washington, DC, which does amazing work helping homeless and low-income women, addressing both emergency and long-term needs. White Ford Bronco, the DC area's premier 90's cover band, put on a rockin' show full of your favorite hits from your least favorite decade. They had the sold-out crowd at Tropicalia dancing and singing along throughout the entire set. A big thank you to the band for supporting N Street Village! If you get a chance to see them play around the DC area, definitely don't miss out! You can find out more about them herehttp://www.whitefordbronco.com

If you believe (like I do) that we are all in this together and we all have an obligation to help our fellow sisters and brothers, N Street Village is a great example of an organization doing things the right way. If you believe (like I do) that you should donate your time and money to reputable organizations who are using those resources in the most efficient and beneficial ways possible, N Street Village is a great example of an organization doing things the right way. Far from a handout, N Street Village offers these women a hand UP.     

A little about the women they help...

  • N Street Village serves nearly 1400 women annually
  • 142 program residents at a time
  • 51 affordable housing units
  • 92% reported mental health issues, substance abuse issues, or both
  • 84% report a history of domestic violence or significant trauma
  • 75% have chronic health problems
  • 11% HIV+; one percent is considered an epidemic rate by the World Health Organization
  • Nearly 1 in 2 women have no income when they come to N Street Village (46%)

The impact of their work in a year (statistics taken from 2013 report)...

  • 45,000 meals served
  • 635 women received wellness center health services
  • 96% of residents maintained stable mental health
  • 92% of residents in recovery maintained sobriety
  • 100% of newly employed clients kept their jobs for at least 3 months

Check out the video below for more information on N Street Village, and if this cause strikes a chord with you, please consider donating to N Street Village at the link below: https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/NStreetVillage

From N Street Village's Website...

N Street Village is a community of empowerment and recovery for homeless and low-income women in Washington, D.C. With comprehensive services addressing both emergency and long-term needs, we help women achieve stability and make meaningful gains in their housing, income, employment, mental health, physical health, and addiction recovery.

Our excellence has been widely recognized. We are winners of the Washington Post Excellence in Nonprofit Management Award -- the first organization ever awarded on its first application, the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill Heroes in the Fight Award, and the Center for Nonprofit Advancement Board Leadership Award.