Gypsy Sally's
Washington, DC
Friday, January 12th, 2018

Doors: 7:00pm
Show: 9:00pm
Support: The Woodshedders

I have it on good authority that Larry Keel Experience [Larry Keel (guitar), Jenny Keel (bass), & Jared Pool (mandolin)] are "ready to whoop it up big time!!" tomorrow when they headline Gypsy Sally's in Washington, DC! Larry Keel is a lot of things: he's a flat pickin' guitar legend, an avid fisherman, a lover of nature, peace, and equality...but one thing he's not is a liar. So, when Larry tells me they're "ready to whoop it up big time!!" I tend to believe him. 

If you've been there before, you know how small Gypsy Sally's is (est. 300 capacity), so don't sleep on getting tickets! 


My favorite description of Larry Keel and his playing comes from Greensky Bluegrass...dobroist?...dobroer?...dobro player, Anders Beck: 

“Larry is the yin and the yang...he will break your heart with a waltz, but he can also scare the hell out of you in the next song. He plays on the, strike that - he creates genius guitar solos while staring over the edge and laughing maniacally.” — Anders Beck, Greensky Bluegrass

The Woodshedders will be getitng the party started, so don't be late!

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