Sound Bridge Music Song School Scholarship

Press Release and Phone Interview

for The Lot Scene by Parker

Sound Bridge Music is a non-profit organization in Colorado working to help musicians connect with communities that may not have the opportunity for music that many others have.  Sound Bridge brings outreach and healing and joy to these and countless others through their yearly programming.  Even more marvelous, new to 2018 is their Song School Scholarship Program!  From Sound Bridge:

“As part of Sound Bridge Music’s pillar program to provide professional development opportunities for Front Range musicians at all stages of their careers, Sound Bridge Music is pleased to announce that it is sponsoring 2 full scholarships for Planet Bluegrass’ 2018 Song School. Drawing participants from across the country and around the world, this program has changed lives and launched careers. 

In offering this scholarship, Sound Bridge Music endeavors to provide two individuals the opportunity to participate who might not otherwise be able afford it. The scholarship includes full tuition, camping fee, vehicle fee and three-day pass for the 2018 FolksFest, which immediately follows Song School.”

What a phenomenal opportunity!  So many thanks to the good people of Sound Bridge Music for making this happen!!


We here at The Lot Scene had the honor of interviewing Sound Bridge Music Board Member Amy Ansari about her organization’s new Scholarship for Planet Bluegrass’s 2018 Song School Program.  Amy, herself, is an alum of the Song School and she told us she started writing and playing guitar three years ago finding that telling her story through song proved a hugely profound healing experience.  Friends begged her to go to Song School and she finally did and hasn’t looked back since.  As a huge fan of the School this is what Amy had to tell us about Sound Bridge’s new offer:

TLS:  Thanks for joining us today.  Could you please tell us your name and what you do there at Sound Bridge?

AA:  My name is Amy Ansari and I am Board Member for Sound Bridge.

TLS:  Fantastic.  Now, to begin, could you please tell us a little bit more about Sound Bridge’s relationship with Planet Bluegrass and how that developed?  It seems like a really good marriage to us here at TLS.  

AA:  That marriage is actually in its infancy stage.  Similar to how Sound Bridge is starting its second year.  We just got our nonprofit status.  So, we’re at this infancy stage where we have several Board Members, including myself, who have gone to Song School and have learned and developed and grown from that experience.  It was such a profound experience…we were talking with Trish about it and she and her husband who run their own company wanted to donate money to the cause of musicians going to Song School.  And so, from that developed this scholarship…to have that opportunity.  

TLS:  Great.  That sounds really awesome.  Planet Bluegrass does such an amazing job with everything they do.  And their educational outreach is top notch.  We love seeing Sound Bridge and Planet Bluegrass in league so early on because that can only mean great things for both organizations.  

AA:  Yes.  I totally agree…I totally agree.  Very excited about all of it.  

TLS:  You seem very excited about it.  That’s wonderful.  It sounds like this new Scholarship that Sound Bridge is offering is an incredibly good opportunity for musicians from two different kinds of applicant pools.  Established artists and new artists will both be applying — could you address that please because we find that rather interesting.

AA:  So, Sound Bridge thought it was very important to actually honor the artists who are already out there who are making it their lifelong dream to be musicians and support the music industry with their music locally.  As well as give the new artist the opportunity to step into Song School and step into the world of music and empowering themselves to do it.  We wanted to have two different tracks there to support those two different types of artists.  The most important thing, however, is that their hearts are in the right place and that they want to explore the opportunity of themselves as well as their skill.  We just want to honor both sides of the coin of musicians.  

TLS:  Seems as though that will make a serious impact.  And that Scholarship sounds very enticing.  So, in terms of awarding the Scholarship, who will be selecting the finalists?

AA:  We’re going to have five people on a committee to determine who will get the Scholarships, two of whom are very closely associated with Song School and Planet Bluegrass and who helped articulate the very core components of what Song School represents and how we can look for those in the applicants.  The other two folks are Song School alumni several times over.  And the other is yet to be determined, but, yes, we’re going to have a committee.  

TLS:  That sounds like it should be the perfect selection crew for such in important task.  We’re sure there are a lot of people very excited already about this brand new opportunity.  We think its really incredible that Sound Bridge is offering that much more in the way of music, music outreach, and music education to those here in Colorado who can really use it.  Great job, guys!

AA:  Thanks!

TLS:  Well, that’s all we have “officially” for today, however, we wanted to open it up to you if you had anything else you wanted to talk about regarding Sound Bridge, Song School, the Scholarship, or anything else.  Please, go right head.

AA:  Thank you so much.  Sound Bridge is continually looking for musicians who want to support our mission of musicians making a difference.  If you become a Sponsored Artist with Sound Bridge we will support you by helping with marketing for shows…we provide a “Concert Series” for the artists featuring private, intimate settings where their fans can come and enjoy a show.  We are partnering with organizations and companies where artists can set up their own concerts, we’ll promote for them and have their fans come to a smaller setting where they can get more in contact with the artists they love.  We also have different programs that we have going on that connect musicians who are interested in working with at risk youth or homeless shelters or elderly facilities — those populations that don’t really have opportunities to connect with musicians.  We provide the platform for the musicians between them and the facilities that want to share that music.  We are working many different avenues right now to help support our local musicians as well as giving back to the communities that need music the most. 

TLS:  All amazing to hear.  You guys really are doing some incredible work.  We are huge fans here at TLS already.  Music is a powerful force for good and Sound Bridge is making it a force for good, to be sure.  Bravi!  

AA:  Thank you.  It’s was a dream of mine to work with a music non-profit that gives back the way music has given so much to me.  It was magic to find Sound Bridge and the people who make it possible.

TLS:  That’s fantastic.  Thanks again for your time today and your work with Sound Bridge!  We here at TLS really looking forward to working with you in the future!

AA:  You’re welcome.  And thank you guys!