Gipsy Moon

20 April 2015 - Boulder Theater - Boulder, CO

for The Lot Scene by Parker


Fresh from the Dusters’ “flashpick” on Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall for 4:20PM, the first offering of the night at The Boulder Theater was Nederland’s own Gipsy Moon.  So, here I was getting ready to savor a tasty Gipsy Moon sammich smothered on Dusty bread for the 4/20 holiday.  Excellence.  And I was hungry for some delicious, nutritious newgrass — I wouldn’t be hungry for long.  After David kicked things off for us on vocals for the first song, an early favorite of mine in their set was the subsequent exotic and sultry selection from their upcoming new album, “Away We Go”, whose distinctive chord progressions and vocals had a palpable effect on the musical spirit.  If all the tracks on Autumn’s Retreat are going to be this good then we’re all looking forward to one hell of an album.  But that should come as no surprise for anyone even remotely familiar with this young Colorado band and their excellent musicianship.  From Mackenzie’s striking, dusky vocals to the unique and very welcome timbre of Andrew’s cello work as well as the other three uber-talented members of this quintet, there is something of note about Gipsy Moon.  And that note should read:  buy tickets to see this band as much as possible.  The next song returned the vocals to David but the best thing about it was the funky, gritty jam in the middle that really showcased the skills of this band.  I am certainly growing ever more fond of their distinctive sound.  Another little gift from these gipsies on down the set was a well-met version of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sparrow” replete with the crisp, tight vocal harmonies associated with the original duo as well as a crazy great solo from Mr. Silas Herman on mandolin.  It wasn’t just the mellow and rich cello intro to the next song that stuck with me, but the chorus as well.  Sometimes some lyrics just strike you, resonating within in certain important ways that keep us all coming back for more and more and more music.  “In the distant thunder, I feel a sense of wonder” chorusing over and again each time hearkening back within to poignant place after time after experience. The seemingly magical power of music will never cease to move and nurture me.  And talk about the right kind of music!  A sweet, leaping instrumental followed with Mackenzie swapping her banjo for a six-string and David doing the opposite.  Yet another impressive showing of the musical acumen to be found in spades in Gipsy Moon.  Up next was the driving, fast pickin’ “Surrender”, with vocals by David, in my opinion a new song to be added to the bluegrass standards list.  The final song of the set brought Mackenzie back to mic one more time for a seductive, cabaret-like number whose name, sadly, escapes me.  I guess I’ll just need to get myself to more Gipsy Moon shows, huh?  Not such bad advice.  For any of us.  Stellar set, you guys, really mighty job.  So glad to have you nearby in Ned. Oh, and a Happy (belated) 4/20 to you!!