Greensky Bluegrass

21 August 2015 - Red Rocks Amphitheatre - Morrison, CO

for The Lot Scene by Parker

Band Members:  Anders Beck - dobro, Michael Bont - banjo, Dave Bruzza - guitar, Mike Devol - upright bass, Paul Hoffman - mandolin

Setlist:  Breadbox, Worried About the Weather, Forget Everything, Kerosene, The Four, Burn Them, Windshield, Reverend, Broke Mountain Breakdown > Wings for Wheels, Leap Year

    Not to be outdone by Fruition directly before them, Greensky Bluegrass came out swinging and bringing their own heat to Red Rocks that night.  Having had the advantage of playing here before, the band took no time settling into a comfortable groove on that stage, starting their set off with the colossal crowd pleaser “Breadbox” and beginning the face-melting process with ease and acumen.  The middle jam was lengthy and extremely tight, fantastic all around, each member featuring then fading back in a phenomenal musical choreography.  Mike Bont had a particularly fine solo in during the jam, showing off those banjo chops for all of us.  It was clear early on this was going to be a mighty show.  Dave Bruzza was up to the mic for the next selection, “Worried About the Weather”, which was followed by “Forget Everything”, both of which sounded album perfect.  The boys were really on fire so far that evening.  Both Paul and Dave were in great voice and it showed as they shared the lead all set long.  Then it was time for some quick pickin’ with a little “Kerosene” especially given the ridiculously intense and stupendous breakdown in the middle.  Complete.  Face.  Melter.  They were really, really, really bringing it to Red Rocks, believe-you-me!  Needed a breather after that one.  Whew!  Paul was next up to the mic for a selection from their most recent album (If Sorrows Swim) - “The Four” which we were lucky enough to record for you.  Please enjoy: 

This was followed by “Burn Them” and “Windshield” both also featuring Mr. Hoffman on vocals and both of which sounded truly exquisite in the darkening night under the clear Colorado skies above.  There are just those times when Paul’s crooning is apropos of everything for the situation you find yourself in, say, at Red Rocks.  “Reverend” led to a sizzling, blistering, roiling “Broke Mountain Breakdown” which even contained a little Rod Stewart tease (“Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?”).  Yeah, the boys were really, truly, indubitably bringing it that night.  They slammed this directly into the mellower “Wings for Wheels” with Bruzza stepping back up to the mic for the lead.  The Greensky fellas chose “Leap Year” for their closing number.  This contained a slow and spacey jam at the end which slowly built energy and tempo throwing out “I Feel Like Bustin’ Loose” teases and funky grooves until finally erupting forth into a frenetic finale that left everyone screaming their throats hoarse in gratitude and ecstasy.  What an awe-inspiring show!  Putting the badass jam in the jammwich of music we were all consuming that night.  Damn, was that good music!  And there was still another band left…Yonder Mountain String Band!!  What luck!!!  What a night!!!