Dear Jerry:  “Celebration, Devastation, and Redemption” - Part Three

Railroad Earth

18 September 2015 - Red Rocks Amphitheatre - Morrison, CO

for The Lot Scene by Parker

So, I’ll just out with it:  I simply had to split my review of Railroad Earth’s recent Red Rocks show into two distinct parts, the show and the encore.  And, trust me, I have good reason to do so.  Additionally, I admit that I couldn’t wait to write about the unique and wonderful phenomenon that was the first encore song the band chose to play that evening.  As such, you’ll have to wait a little while for the entire review proper.  

But our story actually started way back in May at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Maryland at the “Dear Jerry” show where an overcrowded band line-up and scheduling woes caused two bands to be cut completely from the proceedings:  Greensky Bluegrass (who, as you may remember, got their own redemption in Richmond with “Black Muddy River” and at DelFest with “Eyes of the World”) and Railroad Earth.  Having heard Greensky’s triumphs we had long wondered if we’d see and hear the same from RRE at some point.  Well, any and all doubts left our minds hurriedly as the first, familiar, fantastic strains of the Dead’s “Terrapin Station” rang out over the beautiful bowl of Red Rocks.  All at once we were ecstatic and disbelieving and a bit emotional in light of the significance here.  We had heard sad and ugly things about how the band’s experience went at Merriweather and so there was always conjecture as to whether they might ever play “Terrapin” at all.  Well, on behalf of all those present that evening, I must toss a huge and hearty thank you to the band for giving us such a lovely version of this beloved song.  It sounded exquisite musically speaking, especially the minor keyed, trippy central jam.  Really outstanding.  Speaking of the band, it must be said that, looking from face to face, it was clear to see that playing this music at such a powerful venue and to such an appreciative audience was having the same healing effect on these men as I witnessed with GSBG.  What an incredible experience for band and fans alike!  By song’s end, the entire venue was singing along, caught up in the energy of this magical evening, of this redemption.  

Bravi to Railroad for sharing this momentous and intimate point in time with all of us!!  Amazing to think that Will and I had the chance to witness the entire passion play that was Dear Jerry right up to Red Rocks last week.  From celebration to devastation to redemption.  For both bands.  Full circle.  And what a ride.  In all honesty and in closing, I am merely happy and grateful that Railroad was able to access that special energy of closure just as Greensky was.  And I think that these experiences will forever leave their mark on said bands, but for good in my opinion.  Finally, thanks once more for the marvelous music, gentlemen!


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