Keller Williams on the main stage @ DelFest 2016

Keller Williams on the main stage @ DelFest 2016

Growing up, when it came to holidays, my family always had a light-hearted rule: if you do something once and like it or if you do something twice whether you like it or not, it becomes a tradition...needless to say we had a lot of holiday traditions. I guess I've carried that mentality into adulthood. Some of my new favorite Thanksgiving traditions are Keller Williams' Thanksforgrassgiving concerts at 9:30 Club in DC and The National in Richmond, VA.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so with that in mind, here are 17,000 words worth of photos from Keller's 2015 ThanksForGrassGiving at The National...

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This year, Keller is getting some support from his friends, Jeff Austin (mandolin), Jay Starling (dobro), Danton Boller (bass), and Nicky Sanders (fiddle). 

Don't be late - Love Canon will be getting the party started!

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