Strings and Sol Festival 2016 Preview

for The Lot Scene by Parker and Will

“Just what is Strings & Sol,” you ask?  “Why only the best little bluegrass festy north of the Equator!” comes the reply.  For the uninitiated, S&S is so often that ‘bucket list’ festival, that brass ring of bluegrass bodaciousness that eludes the grasp until that first year of attendance, until those first magical moments in Mexico with your brand new Strings and Sol Family.  Sol Family.  Exactly.  And, for those returning usual suspects, those yearning for that ‘summer camp’ feeling from youth mixed with magnificent music, pool-time paradise, liberally-supplied libations, and exquisite evenings shared with friends and fellow fans, Strings & Sol promises to be all they remember it to be.  And more.  So much more.  Three years in for us here at The Lot Scene and the upward spiral in amazing energy and overall awesomeness of this festival is visibly apparent from all angles.  Cloud 9 runs a very tight and professional ship in general and S&S is no exception.  For our money, this is one of the very best planned, best organized, and best executed festival experiences in our community today.  The overall participant experience is super positive and seems to leave returning folks hoping for more, more, more…that is, if the crazy fast sell-out situation this year is any indication.  But, the fun is just around the corner — only a week away from today, in fact, good people!  So, keep getting your pool floats, sippy cups, costumes, and smiles ready this week in preparation and take a gander below at some good info for your time down in Mexico.  Looking forward to seeing you all at the Sapphire!!  Safe travels, everyone!!

Leftover Salmon and Friends

Leftover Salmon and Friends

Definitely Not to Be Missed for S&S 2016

1.  Greensky Bluegrass’ pool set from 2-3:30PM on Sunday — these are the types of specialty sets that really set Strings & Sol apart from other festivals you’ve been to. Anyone who caught Greensky’s early afternoon set at the Palapa last year can tell you just how unique an experience these sets can be. The pool set is even a bit later than their Palapa set was last time, so hopefully Max Berde can drag himself out of bed in time to make it this year.

2.  Getting to know the NOW Sapphire Staff — supreme friendliness, outstanding service, and a generally lovely disposition make the resort staff at S&S some of the best we’ve ever encountered.  They love the fest and the music and they’ll definitely love getting to know you.  In fact, many veterans count several friends amongst the staff.  And tipping, of course, is always appreciated.  Your good time is their good time.

3.  Railroad Earth’s Sunset Show from 4-6PM on Saturday — there is nothing quite like sending the Sol off to bed once again than with those fine fellows from New Jersey!  Seriously, a sunset spent on the beach with RRE is magical all in its own amazing way and should be on your list as well.

4.  Unplugged in the Palapa with The Infamous Stringdusters from 6:30-7:30PM on Sunday — yet another incredible and unique offering from S&S.  What a fantastic way to experience such a dynamic band as The Dusters!!  This one’s gonna be very worth it.

5.  Keller Williams’ Grateful Grass from 1-2:30AM on Monday in the Palapa - if you have never seen one of Mr. Williams’ Grateful Grass shows before, then we tell you, you are in for a treat.  Especially with this line-up to choose from.  And, if you have seen one or more before, then you know they aren’t to be missed.  How fortunate we get our very own at S&S this year!!  Really psyched to see that lineup and the setlist — should make for a fantastic closer to the festival.  And with the Dead, no doubt.  Stellar.  

6.  The Positive Legacy Silent Auction from 4-7:10PM on Monday — this auction helps to support a great cause from a fantastic organization.  Positive Legacy puts together the best in music memorabilia and art each year making for one heck of a fantastic opportunity for S&S festival goers.  So many unique pieces up for auction and to help do some good in the world.  Not bad, right?  Not bad, indeed!

7.  A couple of these we can keep nice and simple:  Don’t miss anything involving Larry Keel…

8.  …or anything involving Danny Barnes.  Pretty straightforward there, right?  

9.  Playing in the Sand from 6:15-7PM on Saturday at the Swing Bar — come out and hear your fellow Sol Sisters and Sol Brothers jamming out beach bar style.  Always a good time and you never know who might show up!!

10.  Late nights at the Swing Bar or around the adult pool…so much fun!  Community, conversation, music, merriment, and any number of things await those who brave the wee hours of the morning at Strings & Sol.  Besides, the coffee at the Sapphire is nice and strong!  And for thosewho really know how not to under do it, keep that Swing Bar party going until the sun rises. Trust us, you won't be the only one, and the photo ops can be both hilarious and breathtakingly beautiful.

And so, with that, friends, we look forward to seeing you down south in the warmer climes, drink in hand, feet in sand, head high in the skies of music and magic moments soaring above the Sapphire.  Can’t wait to see those pool floats!!

All the best and iiHASTA MEXICO, AMIGOS!!


Greensky Bluegrass

Greensky Bluegrass

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