for The Lot Scene by Will Huston

    Every year like clockwork around October and certainly by November the majority of festivals are over and all of our favorite shows and touring acts come back indoors to our local venues and bars.  One such venue and my second home in a sense is the Beachland Ballroom and Tavern in Cleveland, Ohio.  An old Croatian club turned music venue in 2000, with one side holding a 500 capacity ballroom and the other being a small tavern stage. The venue is independently owned and operated by people who really have a passion for music and making sure that everyone involved has a great experience, from the staff, to the bands, to the crowd. Throughout the years I've been fortunate enough to see some fairly large acts in the tavern before the explosion of popularity hit. I'll always look back to these shows and feel privileged to have seen them with close friends. There is really something special to be said about seeing an act in a small, intimate setting and having a closer connection to the music.  This past week I was at one of these intimate tavern shows seeing Fruition. I learned about Fruition from my friend, Amy years ago who was roommates with members of the group. I was told I would enjoy them, and I can say that I have had a blast watching them perform all over the country these last few years. Last Sunday night they came to my town. This was not the first time Fruition had been to the Beachland; in fact they were here within the past year, traveling all the way from Portland Oregon where the bands resides when not in tour mode.  Shows here at the Beachland often feel like house parties in a sense. The Tavern does not have strict rules, time guidelines or early curfews allowing bands the freedom to move at their own pace, have a few drinks and have a good time.  Fruition is a band that has no problem having a good time with their sets and throwing back a few with the crowd. Since the venue is so nice and Fruition is cool I was able to record a portion of the show to share with you all here on The Lot Scene.  If you enjoy what you see, give Fruition a like, buy some music or a ticket to an upcoming show. Be sure to tell others about "The Lot Scene" and help us grow and provide even more media news, music and photographs to music fans everywhere.  

Hope you enjoy and many thanks, William Huston. 

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