Papadosio - Halloween Run

26-28 October 2017 - The Belly Up, Aspen, CO & The Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO

for The Lot Scene by Chris Kemp


     Halloween is that rare and special event in which we shed our everyday selves and become what we truly want to be for a night. For some reason as we age, this changing of character almost becomes more significant. For my Halloween celebration I decided to check out Space Rockers, Papadosio. I was able to catch three of their five Colorado shows. I had an introspective experience at these shows.  While I will offer my thoughts around the technical aspects of the show, I feel it’s important to touch on my personal experience.

     My run started in Aspen and ended in Boulder. Having been following Papadosio on social media I was excited to glimpse this tour’s stage setup. The Belly Up was the perfect setting for an intimate Papadosio set and the band did not disappoint. I was stoked to catch Biolumingen’s DJ set as I knew him in a previous life as Chris Cabbas (forgive me if I spelled your name wrong brother). I’m super critical of DJs and Biolumigen was both original and inspiring. A solid mesh of world sounds and deep electronic beats. Good to see an old friend on stage.

     Jam heavy Papadosio classics like “You and Yourself” lined both sets. The lighting design was well executed but felt cramped on such a small stage. Composed of the standard movers and several diamond projection screens, the show was dark, earthy and organic. The crowd was pleasant, energetic and full of dance moves but lacking in costumed hijinks.   

     The Boulder Theater shows were billed as “Rave from the Grave” and did not disappoint. The Theater had the space necessary for both the band and the lighting. Costumes abounding, Halloween in Boulder was in full effect. In rare form I did not dress up or this event. I came in my typical all black show gear so I could photograph more easily. In years past I would’ve focused on getting shots of costumes and people but for some reason when Daft Punk’s “Da Funk” began to play I was transported to a unique place. I found myself thinking about far off memories. Where did I hear this song first? Who introduced me to this music?

     The rest of the shows was spent reminiscing over the many steps and events that led me to this place and time. When did my brother get his first Crystal Method tape? How old was I when I first heard Nine Inch Nails “Head like a Hole” or “Into the Void?” Papadosio did a stellar job covering many classics that stirred genuine emotions in me. For the first time ever I just wanted to be me on on the one day you’re supposed to be someone else. I relished in my own memories, an unusual thing on Halloween in Boulder.

     More and more I applaud artists who can breathe life into someone else’s work. I saw some music that I never expected to hear live at the “Rave from the Grave.” This wasn’t just a Halloween party, it was a reverence for art that matters and that begs to be heard. The setlists, lighting and mood of these shows was near perfect. Papadosio will always have a loyal Colorado audience if they continue to play at such a standard.