Nov 16, 2017 - Applegate Lodge - Applegate, OR

for The Lot Scene by Leah Markman

photos by Joseph Silva/Clear Creek Photography

Fruition Smokes Out the Applegate

     My first memory of this band was of hearing their voices late into the night and ushering in the dawn. I found them on street corners, living rooms, rooftops and beaches with shooting stars darting across the sky. I first met these wonderful humans a few years back, limping their van into my driveway, and it did not take long to soon fall in love them.

     I’ve seen this band play to an empty room and sell out the largest venues, this band needs no audience to play, they sincerely love their music. Not only this, they have the magical ability to write songs that seem custom tailored to our own souls.

     In early October, Fruition released a November tour through Northern California up into Oregon. This journey kicked off with their first appearance at Terrapin Crossroads. Word on the street is that for the first time they covered a Grateful Dead song, fitting within the hallowed halls of Terrapin. Uniquely, this tour involved local small hometown bars that provided an intimate personal experience with the band.  These days catching the fruits in these type of venues is getting harder and harder to accomplish as their following grows. 

     These days, I have slowed down. No longer able to go on all the tours and follow some of my favorite music around the country, I visit my local haunt often to satisfy this craving. Nestled into the Applegate river, trees and moss grow through and wrap around the wood balcony, ablaze with rainbow lights reflecting off the river. Tonight, the normally tranquil Applegate River lodge is vibrating with energy. The Thursday show sold out days prior, the sleepy little rural lodge is jam packed.

Fruition at Applegate

Fruition at Applegate

     As always, I am late to the show, running through puddles I enter in during their second song, soaked in rainwater and brimming with excitement. “Blue Light” is one of those songs where when I had dreadlocks, people would give me a wide berth of distance because I was flying! Still to this day their songs require head banging, elbows flying and legs spinning in all directions.

     The floor was packed, the balcony lined. Little to no dance room to be found, but in a community like the lodge we make room for each other. We dance and spin each other, while encouraging new faces to step up front to see. No drinks are allowed in the event space, a rule I have learned to love. This helps creates an amorous atmosphere where the fellow fruity freaks and local lodge goers are aware of each other, our surroundings and courteous to what we all need while experiencing this music. 

     Speaking with some Fruity Freaks that went on the whole tour from Terrapin through to Bend, I gain some insight into what they’ve been playing. Songs such as “There She Was, Mountain Annie, I Can’t Stop.” Songs where the entire crowd can sing every lyric. In true form, Fruition honors those musicians who have shaped our lives today, gracing the Lodge with two beautiful Tom Petty covers, and one hell an Encore of “American Girl”. I think the song I am most grateful more and treasure is “I’ve Got the Spliff You’ve Got the Fire” from the very early days. It has changed and grown with them and brings them back to the rainy Portland streets and soggy rooms until sunrise.

     Fruition is always expanding. They have never strayed too close to home in their travels and in their music. Constantly challenging themselves, their songs and their fans to never believe a song is finished, and to expect the unexpected. Their music gets deeper and stronger every time I see this band perform. I am excited to see where their music takes them! Stay cool in Mexico folks and happy end of Fall Tour, Fruition!  I only wish the best for you! 

Thank you for always being there in our ears, and our hearts, 

Leah Markman 

Fruition at Applegate

Fruition at Applegate

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